Monday, June 6, 2011


Ok.. in an effort to get caught up and share some of the goings on with us in the last few months, here are several of my favorite pictures for you to enjoy!

More Corpus and Marine Center

Holding a sea urchin!!

The sea turtle rescue facility was my favorite at the aquarium.

Don't just cover me in sand, make me a mermaid tail!! SHe has always been crazy about mermaids.

Super cool hunormous sand castle store on the way to South Padre. Looked so real.

March Madness

Corpus Cristi for the girls STATE powerlifting meet.

LOTS of seaweed, but Remi didn't mind one bit. The water was freeezing! I am so glad Clint is the Dad he is and was willing to get in with her.

San Antonio Zoo on the way to Corpus. The butterfly house was really cool. Hundreds
of butterflies were flying around and wound land on you. Some really beautiful ones we had never seen before.Hadlee over for a sleepover, roasting and trip to the Abilene Zoo.

Country Girls Can Survive!

Remington and Emma went rabbit hunting with Clint, Uncle Jason and Tennison. I can't believe they wanted to hold it but they were so proud! This is something I have never done, rabbit hunting. I just LOVE bunnies, I can't do it! Nope I can't!

Baby Angel

we welcomed Baby Ana-Ysobel Contreras on February 11, 2011. My sister, Adie, did great. I am so proud to be this baby angel's God Mommy.

Remi was proud of her and couldn't wait to hold her. She shouldn't be old enough to hold that baby by herself, her Daddy said.

Beauty and the Beast

This was an absolutely magical production!! The costumes, sets and voices were just like what I imagine "real broadway" to be.

All the songs sounded just like they did on the movie all those years ago!

It was a school night but I didn't want her to miss this special event. It was gorgeous and I'm so glad we went. If it comes again next year you should most def check it out or whatever other production is offered. I'm sure they are fantastic and we will be there again to experience the magic.

Snowy February

Fun snow day breakfast. Remi wanted to know why I made such a cute breakfast? Was it a special day? No. Just life. Life with you and this family in this moment. That's pretty special.

Princess snowma.... errrr... uh... snowlady. Complete with bag, tiara and princess wand.

MAking snow ice cream. One of her Daddy's favorites.

Clint pulled her around on this table like it was a sled for it seemed like hours. SHe loved it and he loved hearing her giggle!